What you can do with your Teacher Stars

As you have already seen and experienced, you earn stars for whatever you do on Teacher’s Desk. When you log in, you get stars; when you post something, you get stars; when you comment, you get stars… but what can you do with them?

Other than the fact that they can show how active you are on our leaderboard, you can actually use them to purchase some interesting perks. Check out the list below to see what you can do with your stars:

  • Rent adspace (50 stars per day, 200 stars per week, 500 stars per month): you can send us a banner ad and a link to any website to advertise, and we will post it for you. Your ad will be rotating with other ads on our website.
  • Make your job listing featured (10 stars per day, 50 per week and 150 per month): your job ad gets stuck to the top of our job listings so that more people see it.
  • Get your ad/page/link shared on our social media (50 stars per share): we will share your content once at a time of your choice on our Facebook page, Telegram channel and twitter account.
  • Send an email to our mailing list (200 per mail shot of 500 e-mails): we will send an email of your choice to 500 of our subscribers.

If you have something else in mind, we would also be willing to accommodate. If you are interested in any of these offers and have enough Stars to pay, send us an e-mail on info@teachersdesk.net.

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